Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just want to share a super fun activity we did in class today!  :)
     We are learning all of the different body systems, so today we started with the skeletal system.  We learned about 10 of the main bones in the skeletal system, and my students will take a test over them later on this week.  But, to introduce the bones, we made a skeleton out of noodles, cheerios, and chalk!  My kids had a lot of fun making this skeleton.  I'm sure that if you try out this activity, you can find other ways to adapt it and make it your own, but here's what we came up with today!
The original version uses a wagon wheel noodle for the head, and spaghetti noodles for the fingers and toes....unfortunately, I forgot the spaghetti noodles and couldn't find wagon wheels, so we just used chalk!  :)

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